Aleksandra A. Sertsova
Aleksandra A. Sertsova

Aleksandra A. Sertsova

Associate Professor
Academic qualifications:

Educational activity at the Department

  • Developed a series of lectures "Probe Microscopy for Nanomaterials Research" which includes lab works for students of the department of nanomaterials and nanotechnology of Mendeleyev University.

Scientific interests

  • Development of polymer nanocomposites with special properties (resistance to burning).
  • Synthesis and study of layered materials.
  • Probe microscopy for the study of nanomaterials.

The theme of the dissertation - "The use and production of nanostructured metal compounds as flame retardants".


Number of publications:  over 20.

  1. Pravednikova O.B., Dutikova O.S., Karelina I.M., Gal’braikh L.S., Koroleva M.Y., Sertsova A.A, Yurtov E.V. Effect of nano-sized metal compounds on the flame-proof properties of plasticized polyvinyl chloride. Fibre Chemistry, 2009, Vol. 41, Issue 2, pp 80-84.
  2. Medvedev A. V., Sertsova A. A., Razumeev K. E. Surface roughness of elementary aluminum oxide filaments // Glass and Ceramics, 2012, Vol. 69, Issue 5-6, pp 197-199.
  3. A.A. Sertsova, M.Yu. Koroleva, E.V. Yurtov, D.S. Dutikova, L.A. Gal'braikh. Development of nanostructured metal compounds for producing polymer nanocomposites with improved flame retardant properties // Rusnanotech'08, International Competition of Scientific Papers for Young Researchers, 2008. - P. 124-127.
  4. A.A. Sertsova, M.Yu. Koroleva, E.V. Yurtov, O.B. Pravednikova, D.S. Dutikova, L.S. Gal'braikh. Flame retardant polymer nanocomposites based on nanoparticles of oxides and metal hydroxides // Chemical Technology, 2009. - P. 706-712.
  5. Antipova A.A., Sertsova A.A., Yudanova T.N. Structure and properties of polyvinyl alcohol films containing triblock copolymer of polyethylene oxide and polypropylene oxide, and trypsin // Abstracts of 5th International Karginskaya Conference "Polymers 2010". - Moscow, 2010. - P. 37.
  6. Sertsova A.A., Koroleva M.Yu., Yurtov E.V. "Fire and polymer nanocomposites based on layered double hydroxides," National conference with the elements of the scientific school for Youth "Conduct research on the synthesis, properties and processing of high molecular compounds, as well as the impact of physical fields on chemical reactions" Kazan, November 10-12, 2010. - P. 173.

Background and professional experience

  • Graduated from the Department of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology of MUCTR in 2008, specialty "Nanomaterials".
  • Since 2008 - postgraduate of the Department of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology of MUCTR.

Additional information

  • Responsible organizer of Nanocenter of MSTU named after A.N. Kosygin.
  • Winner of SPM images "ProImage Contest 2010", organized by NT-MDT.
  • One of the competitive images:

    "Dancing" It's a AFM-image of polyvinyl alcohol film, contain tripsin.
    It's a crystalline part of polymer film.
    Scan size: 12,5x12,5 um
    • The image was taken using an atomic force microscope Ntegra Prima with probe - CSG01 with a radius of curvature of 10 nm in contact mode.
    • On the image is shown the stage of the process of micellization in water-soluble polymer film - polyvinyl alcohol containing trypsin - an enzyme class of hydrolases with anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous action and is able to selectively split fabric, undergone necrosis.

Lection "Probe microscopy for studying nanomaterials", Second all-Russia school-seminar (2011)


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