Elena V. Grishechkina (Gulyaeva)
Elena V. Grishechkina (Gulyaeva)

Elena V. Grishechkina (Gulyaeva)

Academic qualifications:


I was born in Korolev, Moscow region. I graduated from high school number 9 there.

I graduated from the Department of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology of MUCTR in 2008. In the same year I entered graduate school at our department. The theme of my dissertation - "The synthesis of semiconductor nanostructures."

Scientific interests

  • Synthesis of semiconductor nanoparticles.
  • Synthesis of core-shell nanostructures.
  • Self-organization of nanoparticles on the surface.

Objects of the research: metal sulfides.

CdS, ZnS and Ag2S are wide-gap semiconductors, which makes them promising materials in modern electronics, optoelectronics and photovoltaics. The aim of the research is to study the mechanisms of nanoparticle synthesis of these materials, composites, such as core-shell, as well as to study the size effect on the properties of the final product. Fig. 1 shows the luminescence of CdS quantum dots, synthesized in our department.

Fig. 1. Luminescence of CdS quantum dots


Number of publications:  over 20.

  1. Yurtov E.V., Koroleva M.Yu., Gulyaeva E.V., Muradova A.G., Astakhov M.V. Laboratory of Chemical Profile for specialized vehicle "nanoTruck" // Chemical technology, 2010, Vol. 11, Issue 3, p. 186 – 191.
  2. Gulyaeva E.V., Simakov S.I., Koroleva M.Yu., Yurtov E.V. Synthesis of nanoparticles of silver sulfide in aqueous media // Abstracts of the participants of the Second International Competition of Scientific Papers for Young Researchers in Nanotechnology. Rusnanotech’09, 2009, p. 601 – 602.
  3. Gulyaeva E.V., Subcheva E.N., Koroleva M.Yu., Yurtov E.V. Self - assembly of silver sulfide nanoparticles synthesized in microemulsion // Proceedings of 1st International Conference "Self-organization processes in drying drops of multicomponent fluids: experiments, theory and applications", 2010, p. 46 – 48.

Background and professional experience

Graduated from the Mendeleyev University, specialty "Nanomaterials" in 2008.

Additional information

  • Executive secretary of the selection committee of the Institute of modern energy and nanotechnology.
  • Participated in the organization of laboratory work for a specialized vehicle "nanoTruck."
  • Spend my free time by painting.

Some of my pictures

Gulyaeva E.V. «Apples». Watercolor on paper (a copy)
Gulyaeva E.V. «Apples».