Elena Yu. Fadeeva
Karakatenko (Fadeeva) Yu. Elena

Karakatenko (Fadeeva) Yu. Elena

Postgraduate, Principal engineer


I was born in Ivanovo, in 2010 I graduated from secondary school №28 with a silver medal. At school she actively participated in school olympiads in chemistry, biology, literature, life support. I am the prize-winner of city, regional, zone stages (2008-2010).

A list of the main results of educational and scientific activities Karakatenko E.Yu. available on the page in the "ISTINA" system (click to go).

Scientific interests

  • Materials for bone tissue regeneration
  • Template synthesis of hydroxyapatite
  • Synthesis of nanoparticles in liquid media


  1. Fadeeva E.Y., M. Koroleva,O. Katasonova, V. Shkinev, E. Yurtov, Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticle Prepared by Controlled Precipitation from Aqueous Phase, Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. – 2016. – Т. 61. – №. 6. – С. 674-680.
  2. E. Fadeeva, M. Koroleva, E. Yurtov, Surfactant-assisted synthesis of hydroxyapatite nanostructures, 7th International Colloids Conference, Barcelona, 18-21.06.2017

Additional information

From 2011 to 2013 I was the chairperson of the Council of Students and Postgraduates at the D. Mendeleev. I am one of the founders of the hip-hop "Shift imagination" university team.

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