To schoolchildren. Mobile educational complex "NanoTruck"

Mobile educational complex "NanoTruck"

To increase knowledge of schoolchildren in the field of nanotechnology Government of Moscow and the Moscow Committee of Science and Technology decided to create a mobile educational complex "NanoTruck" (NanoTruck). This complex is a large bus with sliding side panels. He will attend schools and will allow anyone to learn about techniques and technologies directly used in the modern science of nanomaterials.


Similar NanoTruck runs through Germany and have a great popularity among the people. However, there are only lectures there, no live experiments.

Department of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology of Mendeleyev University together with other universities in Moscow provides a "stuffing" for NanoTruck. Students can see the process of obtaining gold nanoparticles, quantum semiconductors, learn about the properties of magnetic fluids.

Yu.M. Luzhkov inspects NanoTruck
Yu.M. Luzhkov examines labs prepared by our department. D.A. Rototaev, the general manager of public corporation "Moscow Committee on Science and Technology", tells about labs. 2009.
Nanotrak at the Manege Square
Nanotrak at the Manege Square

Education in our NanoTruck takes place using modern technologies to show videos, slides, to visualize and understand the features of nanotechnology.

As NanoTruck is a mobile laboratory, the students can synthesize various nanoparticles with their own hands under the guidance of experienced teachers. One can see that the properties of particles depend on their sizes. Anybody can become acquainted with modern methods of analysis of nanoparticles.

Schools can invite NanoTruck to popularize nanotechnology among pupils.