Vladimir G. Sevastyanov
Vladimir G. Sevastyanov

Vladimir G. Sevastyanov

Professor, Corresponding Member of RAS
Academic qualifications:
Doctor of science

Educational activity at the Department

  • Developed a series of lectures "Gas phase processes for nanomaterials" and lectured 5th year students of specialty "Nanomaterials".
  • Supervises students and postgraduates.

Scientific interests

  • structural and functional inorganic materials - including highly dispersed and high purity chemicals;
  • design and synthesis of coordination compounds - precursors of inorganic nanomaterials;
  • construction of volatile metal complexes with the given parameters of vaporization;
  • synthesis of composite components - superfine oxides, carbides, borides, etc., to the extent and on the surface of the product;
  • development and implementation of a number of core technologies of chemical reagents and high-purity chemicals for the aerospace industry, shipbuilding, electronics, movies, photo industry, health, hemosensoriki. Work on the creation of new high-performance nanomaterials based on silicon carbide with a body-surface protection of the composite oxidation-resistant protective ceramic, glassy and glass-ceramic coatings. Synthesis of new receptor nanomaterials.

Additional information

  • Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences (Department of Chemistry and Materials Science).
  • Section Head, N.S. Kurnakov Institure of Inorganic Chemistry of RAS.
  • Member of the Advisory Council on Inorganic Chemistry, Russian VAK, Scientific Council on the chemistry of high-purity substances, dissertation councils IGIC RAS and Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology.
  • Under the scientific and organizational leadership of Vladimir G. Sevastyanov the development and implementation of a number of chemical reagents and high purity chemicals for the aerospace industry, shipbuilding, electronics, movies, photos, industry, health was carried out.
  • A member of Ed. boards of the journals, "Composites and Nanostructures" and "Journal of Inorganic Chemistry."
  • Author and coauthor of about 400 publications, including 24 patents for inventions. Two patents are included in the collection of "Top 100 Inventions of Russia," according to Rospatent.


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Updated:  February 2012