Galip S. Koclar
Galib S. Koclar

Galib S. Koclar



I was born in Istanbul, Turkey.

Background and professional experience

I enrolled to the department of Materials Science and Engineering in Anadolu University (Eskişehir, Turkey) in 2002. I was graduated from this university in 2007 with bachelor's degree. The subject of my bachelor thesis was “Producing Synthetic Light-weight Aggregate”. In this thesis, it was aimed to produce light weight clay-based aggregates that will be take place in concrete as filler material.

In 2009-2012 I studied at the same department in Izmir Institute of Technology, (Izmir, Turkey), where I successfully defended my master's thesis. During my master education, I also worked as a research-asistant for 2 years. The subject of my master thesis was “Gel-casting of Alumina Ceramics with Gelatin and Carrageenan Gum”. It was generally about investigation of new ceramic shaping methods. In this thesis gel-casting method, natural gels that are used in this method and their effects on mechanical properties of final product were investigated.

Now I am studying at the Department of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology of Mendeleyev University as a PhD student.

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